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Jill stopped in her tracks and bent double, trying to catch her breath, but the humid air she gulped in coated her mouth like dirty bath water. Just as she righted herself, she watched Jack disappear into the glare of the setting sun and over the lip of the hill.

Taking a camping trip at the tail end of summer wasn’t the smartest decision they'd ever made as a couple.

If they'd waited for autumn, at least Jill’s clothes wouldn’t be stuck to her in all the wrong ways and swarms of mosquitos wouldn’t be buzzing around her face.

“Come on,” Jack called out to her. “I think we’re here!”

The straps on Jill’s heavy pack chafed her skin as she hitched it further up her back.

When she finally reached the top of the hill, she could spot the clearing in the valley below.

“Finally,” Jill muttered under her breath.

It had taken them two days of hiking to get this far. After being slowed down by a surprise afternoon storm, they'd been running behind all day.

Jack had promised a beautiful surprise but Jill’s hopes weren’t high. The entire forest was beautiful. She didn’t understand why Jack wanted to camp so far away from the camping spots.

Now that they had arrived though, Jill had to admit that there was something to Jack’s promise. Staring at the lush green valley before her, she almost believed that they’d fallen right into a fairy tale when ordering Brazilian escorts.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Jack asked standing a few feet down the hill. Jill couldn’t help but smile. Bright hazel eyes peeked out from under his windblown short brown hair. He ran a hand over his head to push his hair back. He was in his element and she loved him, even though he made every anniversary a test of Jill’s physical endurance.

“God, yeah,” Jill agreed and looked around. The trees on the other side of the clearing grew tall and close together. There wasn’t a single brown leaf or dead tree in sight.

“I told you it wasn’t bullshit.”

Jill rolled her eyes.

“Maybe not, but it took us forever to get here.”

Jack ignored her complaint and began his descent, while Jill followed huffing down behind him.

Jill’s feet ached, her lungs burned, and her knees wiggled like jelly as she pulled the heavy pack off her shoulder and dropped it on the ground. She was relieved to reach level ground and took a few moments to rub her sore shoulders while Jack unhooked the tent from his bag.

“After we put the tent up I’d like to go fill up the jugs,” he said.

The thought of taking another step didn’t appeal to her at all. But she took a deep breath and nodded. “Fine.”

Jack had pushed her all day to get them here in time, and set an even quicker pace to make camp before they lost their last bit of daylight. Between his curt directives and her exhaustion, Jill's mood was foul.

As she hit the last stake into the ground, she considered sending Jack out on the water quest alone. But she knew he’d never be able to carry wood and water back by himself.

“Ready?” Jack asked as he finished tying the extra tarp down over their tent in case it rained again.

She stood with a sigh and tossed the small hatchet to the ground by Jack’s feet.

“Guess so.” Jill sounded as sullen as she felt. It wasn’t that she wasn’t enjoying herself. But being out in the thick of the woods for days straight was tiring.

Jack dusted off his hands on his brown cargo shorts. A lop-sided grin stretched across his face as he pulled the map out of his back pocket and removed the GPS from his belt. Jill grabbed the empty water jug off the ground and waited for him to plot their route.

Even with Jack enjoying himself, Jill would have liked to be at the beach and sipping cocktails on a balcony. Camping was nice, but it’s what they did every vacation. Just once, Jill wanted Jack to consider what she wanted to do.

She was getting impatient. “Which way?” she asked.

Jack picked up the other water jug and pointed toward the woods beyond the tent.

“It isn’t too far,” he said. "I promise.”

Jill hoped not. All she wanted to do was rub menthol lotion onto her sore feet and have a cup of coffee.

“Come on,” he said with genuine child-like glee.

How the man wasn’t exhausted, Jill couldn’t fathom. But she fell into step behind him as he made his way toward the trees.

The forest was denser on this side of the valley, and there wasn’t even a hint of a path. They had to step over thick tree trunks and duck under branches. Moss grew on nearly every tree, and despite the steep incline, the air seemed to get heavier the deeper they went.

Neither of them talked; they were both too winded.

Jill pushed herself onward using the tree trunks to hurl herself up the hill. When we get home, Jill thought, I’m going to take the longest and hottest bath.

Finally, threads of sunlight peeked through the trees up ahead. A gentle rush of water filled her ears and tickled her nose. Jill couldn’t remember ever being able to smell water, but the scent was almost sweet and made her mouth salivate.

Jill’s eyes widened taking in the scenic view. The waterfall was unlike anything she had ever seen. It fed a large pool that stretched out before them with water so clear, Jill could see straight to the bottom.

“Oh, my god,” Jill muttered in awe. “How did I not know about this?”

They only lived an hour away from the national park. But Jill had never heard anyone mention it. She would have remembered if someone told her about this.

“I don't think too many people know that it's here…I only found it because I stumbled on it after getting lost. I hadn’t been able to find it again until last year. I wasn’t sure we would make it here again.” Jack’s voice was quiet as if he was trying not to spook the beauty of the scenery. “I tried to research it and everything, but I couldn’t find anything about the waterfall.”

Jill couldn’t comprehend how something this striking had remained a secret after all this time. Or how Jack never told her about it, but every chance he had, he was hiking or camping. Still, he had her hiking for two days straight with no idea if they’d find the spot. Jill couldn’t fathom how things would have gone if they didn’t find the waterfall.

Jill’s jaw clenched as she dropped the empty water jug onto the ground and grabbed the hem of her sweat-drenched tank top. There was no way she was walking back to the camp without taking a quick dip in this stunning blue pool.

“What are you doing?” Jack asked.

“It’s hot, muggy, and I’m not going to sleep stinking,” Jill said in a simple tone as she sat down to remove her hiking boots.

“We don’t have time,” Jack said, glancing at the sunset. “It'll be dark soon.”

Jill’s brows arched without glancing at him.

“We’re coming back tomorrow,” he insisted.

“I’ll only be a minute.” Jill kicked off her boots and stuffed her socks inside them. She had to fight her sports bra; it clung to her as she tried to peel it off, but finally, she freed herself from its tight confines. She stood and shimmied out of her shorts and panties at the same time already stepping toward the water. The quiet lapping sound lured her in with the promise of a cool dip.

As she slipped a toe in, Jill looked over her shoulder at Jack.

“Don’t just watch. Fill up the jugs.” Her words were colored with her annoyance, but her tone didn’t last the full sentence. Jill’s heart raced, and her voice raised in pitch as the cool water engulfed her foot. Jill turned back to look at the pool in front of her. The soothing sensation moved up her foot easing her aches and relaxing her muscles. She couldn’t believe Jack could resist the water’s temptation.

The water was just warm enough to be comfortable but cool enough to be a relief. Jill stepped further into the pool. When she reached waist deep, she leaned back. Goosebumps rose across her skin, and her nipples hardened as the cool, clean water washed over her.

“Come on, hurry up,” Jack said. Jill sighed and stood up.

“I’ve been hiking for days. Days. We get here,” Jill said gesturing to the beauty all around them, “you start rushing me. This is supposed to be our vacation, Jack.”

She heard him filling the jugs, but Jack didn’t reply.

Jill knew they still needed firewood and to start dinner. Now that food entered Jill’s thoughts, her stomach growled at her. She took a deep breath and dived under the water for one last dip.

She was met with a rush so warm that she thought she’d swam over an underwater hot spring. The change was too sudden — Jill panicked and hurried back to the surface. She tried to gulp down cool air as she breached the surface, but got mouthfuls of hot water in the process.

Choking it down, she wiped her face and turned to face Jack. Screwing the caps on the water jugs, he looked at her, clearly annoyed by her antics.

“You done then?” Jack said barely hiding his annoyance. “Come on.”

Jill clutched at her stomach under the water. She winced as the hot water swirled around, growling and gurgling inside her.

“Come on, Jill,” Jack repeated. “Let's go.”

Sitting on a log Jack had pulled up, Jill stared blankly into the fire. Her dinner sat on a plate between her knees but all she did was pick at it, barely tasting it. An uncomfortable pressure gnawed at her lower abdomen, killing whatever appetite she may have had before.

“Are you all right?” Jack asked. Jill nodded and handed him her plate.

“It’s the heat and the hike,” she said. “I think I just need some sleep.”

Jack took her plate from her and leaned down to kiss her forehead. “Why don’t you head to bed. I’ll join you after I get everything settled out here.”

Too exhausted to speak, Jill nodded and headed for the tent. She left the tent flap open for a breeze, but it didn't help much. Hair stuck to the back of her neck as she laid on top of the sleeping bag and shimmied out of her shorts.

All she could do was roll to her side in a fetal position and hope the pressure in her gut would ease up. It was like the world’s worst cramps. It hurt all the way around to her tailbone.

Her eyes screwed closed, and she rolled to her back. She peeled her knees away from her chest and laid out flat. Nothing she did brought her relief. The longer she laid there, the more the pressure grew.

Finally, for a few blessed seconds, the pain eased. Then just as suddenly, the hot pressure built back up. Jill sucked in a deep breath, her back arching, as the heat in her abdomen erupted, and something popped.

“Jack,” Jill gasped. Her voice was tight and quiet as she fought to catch her breath and sit up. Slowly the pressure in her eased and a warm tingling sensation in her panties replaced it as Jill moved up onto her knees.

“Jack,” Jill squealed louder than before.

While Jack dropped the plates and hurried to her, she grabbed the newly formed bulge in her panties, her breaths came in gulping pants.

The next instant, Jack appeared in the tent’s opening. Jill’s hand still cupped the bulge, exploring the twin flesh sacks under it with her other hand. Her hand knew what was dangling between her legs, but she fought to comprehend how it could be possible.

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked crawling inside the tent.

Jill couldn't bring herself to look at him. She stared down at her basic white hipster panties. The cotton bulged out as she fumbled, cupping the mass of fleshiness.

She was… getting hard.

The words tumbled from her mouth before she could stop them. “I have a dick.”

Jill’s eyes widened watching the hard length of her cock pop out from under the waistband. Without thinking, she jerked her panties down to her knees. The long, hard, veiny length sprang free.

Jill’s cock was bigger than her husband’s. At least twice as girthy and a few inches longer.

“How?” Jack’s question cut through Jill’s thoughts.

“I… I don’t know.” Her stomach gurgled as she said it. Her eyes bulged wide with realization. “The water! When I went for my swim, there was this underwater hot spring…” Jill’s words trailed off. She was mesmerized then, watching the vein in her thick cock jump when she wrapped her hand around the base. It was so thick her fingers couldn’t circle the girth.

A blush heated her cheeks. She sneaked a glance at Jack, but his wide eyes were fixated below her waist. Jack’s cheeks looked as hot as hers felt. Jill’s hand tightened around the base of her new-found member. The slight bulging in the front of Jack’s shorts was obvious as his hand moved. Jill’s eyes followed his hand as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Without taking his eyes off her hard cock, Jack nibbled his bottom lip absently. The sight made the thick vein running down her shaft pulse in time with her racing heart. Goosebumps rose across her body. Jill shivered, and her cock twitched. Fear should have been settling in her stomach, but instead, all she could think about was how good her hand felt wrapped tight around the mysterious new rod.

“Is it going to go away?” Jack asked as if Jill knew.

“I have no idea.” Part of her hoped not.

“Do you feel alright?”

Jill nodded, she felt better than alright, but she was distracted again. Her breath shuddered as she swelled a little more into her own touch. She stroked herself in a short but tight pull and let out a soft moan.

No wonder Jack was obsessed with his cock.

Whatever was left of her nerves bled away as her hand explored herself. Jill felt powerful holding the swollen flesh in her hand. Jack’s obsessive masturbation made perfect sense. If she knew how good having a cock felt before, she wouldn’t have teased him so much. She couldn’t believe Jack ever got anything done and didn’t always have his hand down his trousers.

The dirty thoughts that tumbled into her mind made the power in her palm throb. There were so many things she wanted to try. If just touching her erection felt this good, she couldn’t imagine what other things felt like. Jill’s heart hammered faster until she couldn't take it anymore.

Without warning, Jill reached out and grabbed Jack by the neck of his t-shirt. She tugged him to her hard and crushed her lips to his. The kiss was momentary. As Jack pulled away, his hand went to her wrist, grasping it loosely as if he was consoling her.

“Shouldn’t we figure this out first?” Jack asked. His eyes were wide but didn’t stay on hers for long before they flickered down again to stare at her member. Jill watched a lump in his throat as he swallowed. “It’s huge.” Jack’s quiet voice took a deep tremblingly tone, and he cleared his throat.

“Afterward. It’s too hard to think right now,” Jill said with a smirk and stroked herself as Jack watched. She bit her lip as the ripples of pleasure moved through her. Jack’s one-track mind when he was horny made perfect sense to her now. The only thing she could think about was ridding herself of the heavy feeling in her balls.

Jill tugged him closer again, and Jack’s eyes finally flickered back to hers.

“I can’t believe this,” Jack said but gave her what she wanted. He leaned in, and their lips met. This time, the kiss was hard, demanding, and hungry.

Jill’s mouth fell loose. She moaned feeling her cock twitch in her grip. Jack used her momentary distraction and thrust his tongue between her lips. But Jill wasn’t going to let him lead this go ‘round. As far as she was concerned, this was her night. The hard beating pulse running down the shaft of her cock agreed.

So, Jill’s tongue intertwined with his in a short fight for dominance. Jack let out a low muffled groan into her mouth as she pulled him tight to her. She broke the kiss and pushed him down onto his back.

Jack didn’t seem to mind her newfound force. He fumbled with jerking his shoes and clothes off as Jill finished pulling her panties off and her bra. Within seconds, they were both naked.

Jack paused to admire her. “Christ, Jill, should we?”

Jill pushed him down on his back again and straddled his hips.

“I feel fine… Amazing.” Jill looked down where their cocks were touching and bit her lip knowing exactly what she wanted first. “I just really need to cum.” A slight nervous laugh escaped her lips. She didn’t know if it was the last of her nerves at having a cock escaping or the sheer excitement of the situation.

She ran her forefinger up Jack’s shaft and flicked the tip hard. Jack moaned as his cock jerked in response. Jill was shocked at how hard her husband was already.

“Will you kiss it for me?” Jill asked in a heated tone and wrapped her hand around her girth. Jack swallowed hard watching her stroke her shaft. “It’s so hard it hurts.” Jack’s own cock twitched against the back of her knuckles, but his eyes didn’t move from watching her hand.

Jill didn’t need to wait for Jack to speak out loud to know his answer, she knew every one of his body responses. From the way his cheeks flushed with his arousal to the telltale jerk of his cock against the back of her hand at her question said everything. A visible shudder ran through Jack, and he gripped her hips lightly to pull her closer.

With Jack gently guiding her, she moved up his body and rested her knees on his shoulders, the same way he’d done so many times during their marriage, loving every second of it. Jill could feel how fast his chest was rising and falling under her with his excitement.

“I’ll do more than kiss it,” Jack said running his gaze up and down her body.

She brushed the tip of her cock against his lips and his eyes widened as he stared up at her. If he seemed nervous at first, it passed just as quickly; this was all the encouragement he needed. Jack’s tongue darted out from between his lips, and Jill’s eyes fluttered as his warm tongue licked the underside of her shaft.

His open mouth invitation was too tempting to resist. Jill thrust her cock into the warmth and let it envelop her. She couldn’t help but moan at the new pleasant sensation. As Jack sucked gently, Jill’s entire body shuddered.

Her hand moved to the back of his head. Jack gagged when she thrust farther into his mouth. Jill pulled back a little to let him sneak in a breath before thrusting again. She watched Jack’s eyes water while his tongue worked with her shallow thrusts. It was hard to believe this was his first time sucking cock — his tongue danced expertly around the head of her cock and down the underside as if he was a pro.

The feeling was indescribable and made her cock harden more. It didn’t take long before Jack was taking more and more of her girthy length into his mouth. Her cock jerked every time she tapped against the back of his throat.

When Jack groaned with his lips wrapped around her shaft, the vibration made her twitch in his mouth and another new sensation brewed in her balls as they tugged in closer to her body.

“Oh, god, no wonder you like this,” Jill moaned at the sensation knowing she was getting close.

But this wasn’t how she wanted to come.

Jill pulled out of Jack’s mouth leaving a line of drool running from her tip across his smiling lips. Jack’s watery eyes were wild as he watched her move back down his body.

She pushed his legs apart and moved between them. His fist was wrapped tight around his shaft. The pre-cum leaking from his tip was impossible to miss.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Jack said. But his deep, husky voice didn’t hold a trace of indecision. His hand worked faster on his cock as she spread his legs farther apart.

Jill’s cock was still wet from Jack’s mouth as she guided her shaft toward his tight opening. She couldn’t believe they were doing this either, but her heart raced thinking about taking her fit, muscular husband the way he had her so many times. She thought about a strap-on many times. It was her favorite fantasy, but this… this was even better.

Jack moaned as her tip pressed into him. Jill gripped the back of his knees, trying to resist driving her pleasure into him too hard. The temptation to lose herself inside of him was too real. His hand dropped away from his twitching cock to grip the sleeping bag under him and surrendered to her completely, stretching tight around her head.

Jill stopped when she felt resistance and waited for his body to relax.

“Fuck, Jill,” Jack moaned in a low chant. Her balls felt tight, heavy, and sensitive. Jill felt their pulses beating down her shaft as her impatience grew.

“Please,” her husband begged, urging her to take him.

Finally, Jack’s body gave, allowing her to slide a little bit deeper and Jill gave him what he wanted. She spread his knees wide and thrust into him, watching as inch by inch she slowly disappeared inside of him.

His moans rose in pitch with every thrust. The sounds of his pleasure made Jill’s balls tighten to her more. She let go of Jack’s knees and leaned over him, holding herself up by her hands.

Her breaths came in hard pants while Jack’s cock hit against her stomach as he stroked himself in fast pulls.

“I’m so close,” Jack panted.

Jill’s pistoning movements sped up. Her orgasm was fast approaching too.

Jack’s body tensed under hers, but Jill’s wild thrusts only continued until the fleshy smacking sounds of their bodies colliding were deafening inside the small tent. But the rise didn’t feel like what Jill was used to. The sensations were deeper; the tugging tight feeling in her lower abdomen grew.

Jack groaned as his warm cum hit her stomach. Still, Jill didn’t stop, letting him ride through his pleasure.

Then, all at once, she felt it. Her cock twitched hard inside of Jack, and she buried herself deep in him. Jill moaned as her body tensed. It was as if the rubber band of pleasure snapped inside of her.

Her cock jerked with each rope of cum she spilled inside him. With each twitch, a wave of pleasure made her balls tighten so deep into her, she thought they might invert. The pulsing beat of the orgasm was foreign but so hot in its own unique way.

Still deep inside her husband, Jill milked the pleasure from her rapidly deflating member. She moaned feeling the last wave of pleasure leave her.

They were both covered in sweat by the time Jill pulled out from Jack. The empty feeling and the loss of sensation she felt was unmistakable. She knew it was over. Jill’s cock was gone. The cock may have disappeared but watching the cum drip from Jack's hole assured her that while it was there, it was real.

Jill collapsed on the sleeping bag beside Jack panting. She knew, without a doubt, there was too much left for her to explore. Jack’s hand found hers and squeezed, neither could speak yet, but the three gentle squeezes said what Jill was thinking. Jill squeezed back – she loved her adventurous husband too.

Once their breathing quietened and all they could hear were the crickets chirping outside their tent, Jill smiled at the naughty thoughts swirling in her head.

“I’m thirsty again,” Jill turned her head. “Can you grab a jug of water?”

Jack’s eyes met hers. The heated, knowing look he gave her said he was just as thirsty.